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Willa B's is proudly owned and operated by Laurie Wright and her daughters Chef Rikka Kostal and Chauntel Wright.

Willa B's Bistro & Emporium is an intimate, warm, welcoming gathering space in the lower Meridian District where you can meet up with friends, enjoy peace and quiet on your own, or share a meal with a loved one.


You'll experience handcrafted breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. Enjoy unique coffee creations, mouthwatering homemade sweets and more in an artistic, creative setting.


While you're waiting for your meal, take a look around our emporium and discover unique and beautiful

artwork from up and coming regional artists​.


Willa B’s first opened in November of 2015 on west 3rd Street in downtown Yankton in a small, historical building, full of character. Chauntel began working with regional artists to display their work in the emporium, and Chef Rikka built a mouthwatering menu that featured fresh, local ingredients whenever possible.

The business grew as they added events, a monthly dinner club, and catering services. Soon after opening, it became apparent that the business was in need of more space. While they loved their first location, they new it was time to spread their wings to be able to serve more guests. They moved to their current location in November of 2017, where they were able to offer more seating and an outdoor patio, while maintaining an open kitchen concept and a robust emporium.


Willa B's Bistro & Emporium is named after co-owner Laurie Wright's mother, Wilma Marie Bierle, who was authoring a book under the pen name "Willa B".

A longtime Yanktonian, Wilma was a thrifty survivor of the Great Depression and was a woman ahead of her time. Being the giving person that she was, her door was always open to all. She believed in forgiveness and second chances. She was known as "Wilma", "Willie", "Aunt Willie", and "Will". Wilma had the warmest heart and smile, and will be remembered for her love for all, especially family, her kindness, and her amazing sense of humor.

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